MOXOM MX-EP22GM RGB Gaming Headses


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  • Gaming Headses Moxom
  • Bass Booster
  • RGB Lights
  • Full Earc Covering
  • Clear Audio & Mic

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Appearance Specifications

The MOXOM MX-EP22 GM wired gaming headphones that we want to talk to you about now are one of the most special and beautiful headphones for gamers.

The headphones feature a LED light placed on the phone, which makes you redoust the excitement of the game.

The headphones are designed to consist of two separate sections, part of which is tasked with adjusting the size of the headphones and maintaining it, and the soft foam part is placed on your head to reduce the pressure on your head and allow you to use it for a long time.

The amazing layout of these headphones is such that in the middle of its phones, the LED and its circumstantial circumstantial are covered with a design similar to speaker bands, with a very flexible microphone next to one of these beautiful phones.

Also next to the microphone of the same wired gaming headphones MOXOM MX-EP22 GM is also a roller bearing number for changing the volume of sound, which makes your job much easier.

Suitable for

If we want connectable devices to differentiate the use of these headphones, it’s wrong. MOXOM MX-EP22 GM wired gaming headphones can be used to many devices ranging from pc, laptop, XBOX, PlayStation, mobile, etc. He plugged in.


MOXOM MX-EP22 GM Wired Gaming Headphones
MOXOM MX-EP22 GM Wired Gaming Headphones

Speaker Specifications

The high-quality speakers for the MOXOM MX-EP22 GM play stereo sound, allowing you to get even the smallest sounds in the game with 3D capability and 50mm drives.

So don’t worry about losing any sound in the game and fantasize about receiving all kinds of sound and conveying the excitement of beats, blast sounds and… Be comfortable.

To complete your technical information, we need to point to the frequency range of 20 GHz, the current intensity of 100 mAh, and finally the sensitivity of 102 decibels of these speakers, which are not low-key numbers for choosing a good gaming headphone.

Microphone Specifications

The microphone for the MOXOM MX-EP22 GM wired gaming headphones is 60mm in diameter and can be transmitted in HD. Of course, the positive points of this microphone do not end here and can not be ignored from the flexible and powerful body of this consoling noise product.

If you don’t know which headphones are capable Nise Canceling The microphone is exactly different from other products, we should say that this option allows you to remove additional ambient sounds, so that as much as possible, according to the noise percentage of the product’s concerting, the distant sounds are removed and the sound is transmitted closely.

MOXOM MX-EP22 GM Wired Gaming Headphones


You may know that impedance is one of the most important factors in choosing headsets that will help you understand whether the headset is suitable for stillness and home conditions or is good as a headset or sports headphones.

So let’s also mention the impedance of the 32 most important products. This number tells you that the MOXOM MX-EP22 GM wired gaming headphones are suitable for use in stillness and you can use it for gaming and fixed and static affairs, which of course, the bassim itself indicates this.


Connection Methods

Connecting these headphones to your desired system is done via wire. The cable intended for connecting the Wired gaming headphones moxom MX-EP22 GM is a 3.5 mm sound jack.

There is also a USB number for this headphone that you can use the LED of this product by connecting it to your computer.


Length of cable

The cable length of this gaming headphone is 200 cm, which can be dared to consider as one of the longest bassim headphone cables that will allow you to get away from the system and communicate more easily.

It should be noted that the cable of this gaming product is completely coated with entwined fibers, and therefore the possible damage caused by wire elongation in this product will be less than others.


Mobile Items

In the MOXOM MX-EP22 GM wired gaming headphone box sent to you by side market, alongside these headphones, a 1-to-2 conversion cable with a length of 20 cm is placed in order to use it for any system, and alongside it you will also have a special game tag.

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