Wacom Intuos Pen Drawing Tabled Medium | Black Bluetooth


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  • Wacom Drawing Tablet
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Medium Size, Black
  • Digial Pen Draw Tablet
  • for PC/Mac/NoteBook/Chromebook

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  • Control and precision thanks to the pen’s 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology means the battery–free pen is light and comfortable to use.
  • 100 lines per mm recognition lets the tablet know exactly where your pen is.
  • Just 8.8mm thin, the tablet is as slim and sleek as a smartphone.
  • 2 pen buttons for quick access shortcuts.
  • 4 customizable ExpressKeys™ for faster, efficient shortcuts.
  • Wireless connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 4.2.
  • 7-inch active tablet area on small model. 10-inch active area for medium models.
  • Size: 264 x 200 x 8.8 mm
  • Active Area: 216 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 410 g
  • This product works with devices capable of running the latest version of Chrome OS. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with safety requirements. Chromebook is a trademark of Google LLC.

Super slim and compact

Tailored for your needs

Built to last

Wacom Pen 4K – Yours is a mighty pen

The first thing you’ll notice when using Wacom Intuos is how natural it feels. Thanks to EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology, the battery free pen with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity provides a natural drawing experience that can keep going as long as you do. Whilst its ergonomic design and light weight make it sit comfortably in your hand, allowing you to experience both precision and control.

4,096 pen pressure sensitivity

No batteries or recharging

+/- 0.25 mm digital tolerance in accuracy

7 mm reading height

Strong and stylish

As slim as a smartphone and weighing just 410g, Wacom Intuos is a class apart. It marries durable and robust design with a stylish finish and is available in black and pistachio colors that will suit any desk.

Features include a built-in pen tray to stop the pen rolling and four customizable short-cut ExpressKeys™.

Don’t limit your imagination. Unleash it with Wacom Intuos.

What’s included

  • Pen tablet medium with Bluetooth
  • Pressure-sensitive, battery-free Wacom Pen 4K
  • PVC-free USB cable with cable tidy and L-shaped connector
  • 3 extra standard nibs (located inside pen)
  • Nib removal tool on end of pen
  • Quick start guide
  • Regulation sheet
  • Online User Guide and Important product information found in Wacom Desktop Center

Full technical specifications

Tablet Information
Active area (mm)
216 x 135 mm
Pen Specification
Pen name
Wacom Pen 4K
Pen pressure levels
4096 on pen tip
Pen type
Cordless, pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen with built-in pen nib compartment and nib removal tool at end
Number of switches
Pen resolution
100 lines/mm (2,540 lpi)
Pen technology
Electro-magnetic resonance
Reading height
Maximum report rate
133 points per second (pps)
Pen weight
11.2g (0.4oz) including 3 nibs
Number of nibs
1 in pen, 3 replacements nibs in nib compartment built into pen
Touch Specification
I/O Ports
USB type A on PC (Micro USB Type B on tablet)
Logistical Information
Product Box Dimensions (mm)
292 x 227 x 35.5 mm
Product Box Gross Weight (kg)
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